The Wealth Management & Investments space is changing at a record pace.

The face of the customer is changing, as baby boomers enter retirement and a new generation of investors enter the marketplace. As the millennial segment grows, there is increased demand for transparency, immediacy, and personalized solutions.

With innovation throughout the industry, new regulations and oversight are having a wide-ranging impact on the way our clients do business. The rise of individual investors, AI, machine learning, and digital and mobile platforms are transforming the marketplace, which makes staying ahead of the curve an operational, risk management, and financial imperative.

At McGibbs, we understand the challenges our clients face and deliver industry-leading consulting solutions that provide long-term value without sacrificing quality.

McGibbs is the investment consultant for over $2.7 billion of domestic assets for religious institutes. We are also the investment consultant to clients internationally, working with a variety of currencies. The value of an individual client’s assets entrusted to us ranges from $250,000 to over $200 million.

As an independent firm not affiliated with any investment management firm, brokerage company or bank, we can help ensure the integrity and viability of our client’s investments. Our only allegiance is to our clients and to help them meet their objectives. We offer a wide range of investment services, such as:

  • Assisting in the development of investment guidelines and policies
  • Developing asset allocation models
  • Reporting on the relationship of investment assets to their respective liabilities
  • Conducting investment manager searches and assisting in the selection of managers that meet established investment and social objectives
marketing analysis
business innovation
finance strategy

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

developing financial processes and procedures

Investment consulting services also include ongoing monitoring through:
  • Reviewing each manager’s service and performance
  • Providing quarterly written reports
  • Semi-annual audit of each manager’s compliance with established SRI objectives
  • Presentation of investment performance as requested
  • Attending investment meetings
  • Annually reviewing program costs

McGibbs provides industry unique reporting that focuses on absolute and relative performance comparisons for each manager, as well as, for a client’s entire investment program. With our extensive knowledge and experience, McGibbs ensures that clients continue to meet their objectives and control their investment process.

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